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Are you or someone you love burdened by a substance abuse disorder? Is it hard for you or the person you care about to get through the day without using a substance of choice? Are you having trouble admitting there could be a problem even though deep down you know there is? Well, it is possible to find Garland drug addiction treatment centers that will help.


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The need for cocaine addiction treatment in Texas

According to the report on Substance Abuse Trends in Texas in June 2014, Cocaine ( both crack and powder) represented 11 percent of all admissions to DSHS-funded treatment programs in 2013, down from 35 percent in 1995. Among all cocaine admissions, cocaine inhalers were the youngest. Cocaine injectors were older than inhalers but younger than crack smokers, and Crack smokers were more likely to be the oldest cocaine users and also more likely to be homeless. The article went on to state that "the number of poisonings deaths that involved cocaine increased from 321 in 1999 to 778 in 2006, before dropping to 411 in 2013. In 2012, the average age was 46, 8 percent were male, 77 percent were white, 11 percent were Hispanic, and 10 percent were black."

The above information shows that although the admissions to treatment programs for cocaine use has decreased, there is still a need for cocaine addiction treatment that reaches across all ages and demographics.

Medical Detox

When a person realizes that there is a need to conquer a substance abuse addiction, finding qualified Garland Drug addiction treatment centers is the first step. Once you have entered rehabilitation centers, the first step to recovery is a medical detox.

In a medical detox, the individual allows the toxins and chemicals in the body to gradually leave. This process can, and usually does cause withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal process can be very painful and something scary to think about. This is why many centers for treatment for drug addiction offer medical detox, where experienced medical staff and team can provide medications and programs to make the patients feel more comfortable. Each step of inpatient medical detox is closely supervised to make sure that each patient has a safe journey back to a healthy body.

Treatment After Detox

When you enter Garland drug addiction treatment centers, caring staff will take the time to diagnose your condition. They may find you have a substance addiction or a psychiatric condition, or both. If a patient happens to be diagnosed with both a substance addition and a psychiatric condition they will have what is called a "dual diagnosis."

It is very common in the United States for patients to have a dual diagnosis. 45 percent of American adults who have a substance addition have also been found to exhibit symptoms of a psychiatric disorder. Statistics reveal that nearly 9 million American adults suffer from co-occurring disorders each year, but only a small percentage of affected people actually receive the appropriate treatment for both conditions. Leaving half of the problems that affect them untreated causes many individuals to relapse and have to repeat treatment again.

After going through detoxification, patients who get the appropriate treatment for dual diagnosis will meet with counselors, develop goals and plans and identify triggers and problematic situations. Once a patient feels confident in going back to daily routines they have the possibility of entering an aftercare program for relapse prevention. Rehabilitation centers may recommend aftercare programs as recovery is a long process and often times includes continued therapy and medication to keep individuals straight and clean.

Seek Help

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