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Recovering from drug addiction involves the restoration of control over the choices that a person make on a daily basis. The compulsive, obsessive nature of addiction dictate, to a large degree, how individuals spend their money, treat loved ones and care for themselves. Important life bridges often get burned as this disease progress. Our goal at Garland Drug Treatment Centers is to help people find out about their treatment options in Garland. Call us today at (972) 536-2109.

The first thing step towards recovery is to stop daily substance abuse. Detoxification effectively arrest the ongoing physical and psychological deterioration caused by addiction. Rehabilitation procedures at rehabs that Garland Drug Rehab Centers mach you with include holistic and conventional evidence based programs that address all aspects of this disease including comorbidities. Programs at these centers are administered by experienced board certified doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and counselors with addiction and emergency medical training.

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Why Seek Help from Garland Drug Treatment Centers

Medical Detoxification – This procedure provide around the clock medical supervision as the patient gradually withdraw from the effects of habitual substance abuse. During this process, treatment professionals keep the patient mentally and physically stable to enable them to safely complete the detoxification process. During detox, they are especially vigilant to mitigate any life-threatening symptoms that may occur due to severe reactions as toxins are released from the body. They also continuously assess and care for emotional and behavioral complications that often occur after years of drinking and drug abuse. As patients regain mental clarity, they are also able to engage in important educational programs about the health risks associated with resuming drug use after detoxification.

Rehabilitation – This is a multi-faceted process that utilize various conventional, holistic and other innovative treatment modalities. They are designed to produce mental and physical shifts back to physical and psychological health. These treatment protocols can include individual, group and family therapy, medication administration and programs such as biofeedback, music therapy, art therapy, exercise, nutrition, skills training and participation in targeted processes that address specific relationship, grief or traumatic issues to name a few.

Relapse prevention education and training - This is a critical component of the rehabilitation process. Patients gain keen insight into their unique journey and experience with addiction. By learning how and why they became addicted, they are better able to use the tools and techniques gained in rehab to prevent a relapse in the future. This process exposes the root cause of their addiction and the people, places and things that could be potential triggers to drug use. If a relapse does occur, through this program, patients have the knowledge and skills to limit the duration of the event as well as diminish the overall effects.

Aftercare services – Garland Drug Treatment Centers provide patients with the opportunity to gradually transition from the rehab facility into their former lives through our Sober Living Community program. In a beautiful, home-like setting, this transitional option provide the benefits of independent living in a safe environment with access to the services of the treatment center. This program also enable patients to test their newly acquired recovery skills as they interact with the outside world. Aftercare services extend beyond our sober living community and aligns with belief in the importance of ongoing support.

Although the recovery process requires commitment, time and facing some difficult issues, it is an important and very rewarding one. Many people have successfully reclaimed their lives from addiction and today enjoy balanced, happy and productive lives.

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About Garland

The city of Garland is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It is a large suburban community with a small town flair. There are more than 75,000 households in Garland, with a population less than a quarter of a million. Garlands quaint ambiance and carefully preserved historic features has made it a top pick for filmmakers. Television programs like Prison Break, Texas Ranger and the Walker series was filled there.

Not surprisingly, Garland also has a Star Trek Lane which is the first official place name of the Star Trek television series so named by the Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry who was born in Texas. Garland's historic downtown is also a must see for visitors to the city. A forest preserve, numerous parks, recreational centers, and golfing, hiking and biking trails offers outdoors enthusiasts a lot of options to keep them fully engaged.

Upcoming Garland AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA Omega Sat, 2:00 PM Episcopal Church of the Ascension 8787 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75243
NA Cross Bend Christian Church Sun, 8:00 PM Eastside Recovery Group, Women 901 Cross Bend Road, Plano, TX 75023
AA Legacy (Night Meetings) Sat, 7:30 PM Cross Creek Village Shopping Center 909 West Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, TX 75023
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