Heroin Gets Garland Man Arrested

Garland Man Arrested Heroin

A Garland man appeared in Minnesota court for his first hearing for fifth-degree possession of heroin, which is a felony, and allegedly providing a false name to officers, which is a misdemeanor. An agent with the Buffalo Ridge Task Force received information from the Garland Police Department that a murder suspect may be in Minnesota. Adrian Jimenez Regalado, 22, was found at a hotel with a baggie with brown powder that appeared to be heroin.

Heroin is one of the most highly addictive drugs known to humans. Many users reported they were addicted the first time they used it. It's also one of the most rapidly acting of all opiates, reaching the brain quickly, and almost immediately providing powerful feelings of euphoria. If you or a loved one are addicted to heroin, we can help you find the best Treatment centers Garland TX offers to help you overcome your addiction. Call (972) 536-2109 today.

Overdose rates are high, above most drugs, as it is easy to unintentionally take more heroin while under its influence. Overdose rates also grow due to unknowingly taking a purer form of heroin than intended.

Heroin is classified by the DEA as a Schedule I substance, which means it has no medicinal value and no approved medical uses. Class I drugs also have the highest potential for abuse and addiction. Street names for heroin include smack, H, horse, brown sugar, charlie, dope and tar.

Heroin Overdose Rates in the United States

In a study by the Center for Disease Control (cdc.gov), heroin overdose rates leading to deaths increased sharply in 28 states in the United States. The study also reported more than double the amount of deaths from overdosing on prescription opioids as deaths from heroin in 2012, also in these 28 states.

The CDC reports two factors causing increases in heroin overdose rates are the wide prescribing of prescription opioids leading to growing rates of opioid addiction and a growth of the heroin supply in the nation. In 2012, the age group with the highest heroin overdose death rate was aged 25-34 years and the death rate for heroin among males was almost four times that among females.


Getting Help for Heroin Addiction

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